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A PLUS offers the best quality steam cleaning with our food based detergents that are gentle to your carpets and furniture, yet they get out most stains. Our high powered portable machines with 3 stage vacuumes and heaters that heat the water to actual steam can get anywhere you need! Our technicians have over 17 years experience each and have seen it all!




FEAR NOT,  A PLUS also has stain removers, deodorizers, and rust removers, to get out those hard to remove stains as well.


DRY TIMES    for steam cleaning can vary depending on weather, humidity, and air circulation. Also the type of carpet. Usually 8 to 12 hours for carpet. Upholstery is usually 2 to 5 hours.


FURNITURE MOVING    Yes, we can move some furniture for you. We don't however move hutches, entertainment centers, antiques, sleeper or sectional sofa's, beds, pianos, or electronics. Regular sofas, chairs, tables, and small furniture are fine.


PET RESTORATIONS     We have many solved many a pet problem that goes deeper than just the carpet itself. Every situation is different, but most can be fixed without having to replace the carpet.


WATER REMOVAL    Broken pipe, or crazy weather? We can help!!! Excess water removal and drenched padding. We can help!!! Emergency times sometimes available.

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